Air Duct Cleaning Services

Do you suffer from allergies? Is the house always dusty? have you noticed your AC vents\grills to be dirty? experiencing high electric bills?

It is probably the time for the ac ducts to be cleaned.

Air ducts accumulate a lot of dust,debris,hair and fur and affect the air quality you breath. 

It is recommended to have the ducts professionally cleaned regularly every 18-24 months.The longer we ignore the cleaning needed , the worse it gets, so make sure to do at least a maintenance cleaning every two years.At AC Ducts Austin we will provide a full inspection of the ducts.We use the most advanced vacuum to ensure powerful sucking power.

Our process : Will remove each vent and vacuum each duct , cleaning is from dust-debris-fur-hair all the way to the main unit.


Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

As part of our house maintenance, it is recommended to get the dryer vent cleaned professionally once a year.

Clogged dryers are a leading cause of fires at homes and can be a dangerous hazard,therefore it is a priority to clear out the lint build-up regularly. 

At AC Duct Cleaning, we provide the best dryer vent cleaning using the most advanced equipment and tools to ensure your vent is cleaned and have the proper air flow.

Our dryer vent cleaning differs between two types of cleaning:

1. Standards Dryer Vent Cleaning -suitable for dryers that are serviced regularly.

2. Deep Dryer Vent Cleaning - Using Anti-microbial products to clean any excessive dry lint that has been stuck on the vent following with brushing to break down any build up dirt\lint. 

Benefits of this cleaning: Dryer works more efficiently , faster and dry cloths better & without heavy blockage, cycles are shorter , less chances for house fires,controlled energy bills.


Attic Insulation

Proper insulation can determine how well your home can retain cool air in the summer and prevent heating loss.

When we inspect the house insulation , we look for signs of aging insulation, spots\holes in certain places , and if the R-Value matches the recommendation by the Texas Energy Department.

The location of the insulation will determine the type of insulation that is needed.We will provide a full inspection following with insulation options that will fit your home.

Insulation Options:

1. Blanket Insulation - available in fiberglass, mineral plastic fibers .Suitable for spacious, wide & open attics.

2. Blow-In Insulation - Blown on exiting insulation to add R-Value , ideal for "difficult attics" with little crawling space.

3. Spray Foam Insulation - Most expensive yet has the highest R-Value and provides the best and most effective air barrier.Foam insulation comes in open cell or closed cell type.


Check Out our additional exclusive services :

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 service all brands of Central air conditioners 

Air duct anti-Microbial Sanitation 

 Anti-bacterial sanitizaition for Air duct systems to prevent future bacteria mold, foul smell and to generally improve air quality. 

Attic sanitization: 

 removal of trash or feces,Sanitizing to kill bacteria and foul smells and installation of fresh insulation if requested

 UV Light Air Purification System :

This includes installation of the apparatus and bulb. This light kills all microbes, bacteria, and mold in the air that passes under it, keeping your air quality clean and hypo-allergenic.  

Carpet Cleaning :

 Includes preconditioning, deodorizing, and 212 degree steam cleaning, hot enough to kill any existing bacteria and/or microbes.  

 Ac Tune up – AC Maintenance :

Complete Check-up and tune up for the HVAC System including - Coil , Blower , Dripping Pan, Leaks and Duct Condition .